Flavored Coffee Grounds or Flavored Syrups

Jammie McClure

There are several factors to take into consideration and weigh; however, the ultimate decision will be one based on taste alone. In the case of flavored coffee grounds, the flavoring has been added at the roaster or grinder. This leaves the coffee drinker no control over how much flavoring the coffee contains. The drinker can control how strong or weak the coffee is according to how much coffee is used to brew the pot of coffee; however, this is the only measurement of control flavored coffee grounds can offer. Flavored syrups allow the coffee drinker to have total control over how much of the flavor is in the coffee. Some people pour the flavorings into the coffee filter basket or pot and allow the coffee to brew on top to incorporate the flavor throughout the pot. Other people prefer to add flavored syrup to their cup in order to control exactly how much flavoring is in each cup. In the past flavored syrups had the disadvantage of being full of sugar and high in calories. However, today there are multiple flavors of syrup for coffee that are available in sugar free varieties. Many coffee drinkers who like flavored coffees prefer to use flavored syrups in order to have control over how flavorful their coffee is while others believe there is a distinct taste difference in flavored coffee grounds and coffee flavored with syrup, with syrups being on the losing end. A distinct advantage of using coffee flavored syrups is that only one pot of plain, top quality coffee needs to be brewed and yet everyone can have a different flavor of coffee if they want or they can simply have their coffee black or with cream and sugar. If flavored coffee grounds are used the person who doesn’t like flavored coffee is on the losing end because there are no options other than brewing a separate pot of coffee or using instant coffee to get a plain cup. Another consideration in the flavored coffee grounds or flavored coffee syrups debate would be the degradation of pre-ground coffee over time.

p>Ground coffee will lose its flavor faster than coffee beans. If flavored coffee beans are left out of the options and the choice is flavored ground coffee or flavored syrups, the flavored syrup option is often better if a top quality coffee is used to make the coffee. This insures the coffee is fresher than flavored coffee grounds that have been packaged for a long time. Flavored coffee syrups and flavored coffee grounds can both be purchased in gourmet coffee shops, some retail grocery stores and in most all online coffee specialty sites. Some sites will send samples of various flavors with the first order. This is helpful in deciding which is preferred, the syrup or the flavored coffee grounds. In the end, the decision between flavored coffee syrups and flavored coffee grounds will boil down to taste preferences and the number of people in the house who drink coffee along with their preferences. If several people like flavored coffee and a one or two do not, then the wise decision would be to use flavored syrups. Otherwise, it is simply a matter of taste as to which one to purchase and use.

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