Folgers Gourmet Coffees

Jammie McClure

The Folgers name is known around the world and has been branded as the ˜best part of waking up". This morning wakeup call now includes a complete line of gourmet selections designed for the coffee lover who also likes to explore new flavors. The Folgers gourmet line is available in some retail supermarkets and grocers but in order to access their full line of gourmet coffees it is best to go the website and check with an online coffee retailer. These sites are able to offer a larger selection without having to meet a minimum requirement of sales in order to carry the product. Also, because they don't have to compete for shelf space, these sites can offer a much wider variety of coffees than supermarkets. The Folgers™ gourmet lineup starts with a Bistro Blend that is crafted from rich, bold beans that are blended and roasted specifically for Folgers. The lineup includes a Bold Java, Lively Colombian and several different flavored varieties that are sure to please the flavored coffee lovers. The gourmet coffee line is part of the Folgers tradition of offering the public coffee that it is happy with and will continue to support. The Folgers family contains eight lineups of coffee in America. There are Cafe Coffees, Coffee Pods, Instant Coffees, Gourmet Coffees, Flavored Coffees, Simply Smooth, the Coffeehouse Series and of course the Classic Roast. These families of Folgers coffees are not available worldwide but only in America.

p>In Canada for example the only Folgers available is the Classic Roast and the Mountain Roast. Folgers Gourmet coffee belongs to the Folgers family which is part of the Proctor and Gamble family of products. It is one of the largest coffee brands in the world and continues to stake its claim by adding to the flavors and offerings it makes available to the coffee world. J. A. Folger, the original founder of Folgers would be proud to see the direction his coffee company has taken and the fact that it has been able to stay a leader in a competitive market where gourmet coffees have taken the coffee world by storm. Coffee drinkers don't hesitate to try a new line of products if they trust the brand behind the product. Folgers Gourmet coffees are able to bank on this. Coffee drinkers know that Folgers is a top quality coffee and are more likely to give new products by the company a chance than they would other product lines. Folgers Gourmet coffees are the latest in a long line of gourmet coffees to hit the market. The Folgers name helps consumers trust the quality of the coffee and give it a chance without hesitation. This latest in the line of gourmet coffees is bound to be successful not only because of the Folgers name but also because the coffees are pure decadence that only Folgers can create.

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