Free Coffee Coupons

Jammie McClure

The end result is free coffee and coffee products. This is an excellent way to try new coffees and simply get something free, which is always a good thing. One of the first places to look for free coffee is the Sunday newspaper’s coupon section. In most states Sunday is the day that the newspaper has the sale papers and coupons. Manufacturers will often offer free sample sizes of their product in order to get more consumers to try their product. Often the coupons are buy one get one free, which is still a good bargain for coffee drinkers. Manufacturers often send sales representatives to local supermarkets and grocery stores to either hand out coupons for free samples or to restock the in-store coupon dispensers with coupons for their products. On some occasions the free coffee will be a trial size or even a cup of the coffee along with a discount coupon. Online coffee sites and brand specific websites will often send trial size samples to customers who email them or complete an online form and tell them what flavor they would like to taste. This is a marketing tool used to attract customers and is a great way to get free coffee and coffee products. Another online tool that works to get free products including coffee is to complete online surveys and questionnaires about products that the family uses. Once the company receives this information they forward it to the manufactures that then send out products and coupons for their products to the consumer. Some coffee shops have loyalty cards that customers can have stamped after they purchase a certain number of cups of coffee. People who stop at the coffee shop on a daily basis can easily accumulate a few cups of coffee each month. Over the course of a year these free cups of coffee can add up to substantial savings. Online coffee clubs often have a similar type program. Every time a club member places an order they earn points based on how much they spend.

These points can be used for future purchases of coffee. If the consumer allows the points to continue to grow they can get free coffee with them and save money. The number of points is typically based on how much money is spent which makes these websites and clubs the perfect choice for offices or people who drink large amounts of coffee. Finally, free coffee can almost always be found in retail coffee shops and supermarkets; however, this free coffee is by the cup, not a sample to take home. Coffee shops and retail stores that are demonstrating a new coffee or coffee maker will often have a sales associate set up the maker and give out free samples in hopes that the customers will buy the product. Supermarkets often have free coffee service simply as a perk for shopping in their store. Free coffee sources aren’t going to keep a home supplied with coffee on a regular basis but they can help save money over time. These sources are also a great way to try coffee that otherwise might be overlooked. The Internet, retail markets and the newspaper are excellent places to look for free coffee sources.

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